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The Packaging of FRP Pultrusion Mould Export

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Our company,Xinxiang Jinglong composite material Co., Ltd., engaged in the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic Pultrusion mould with 20 years of experience, with strong mechanical processing capacity, in 20 years of production practice, the company has accumulated rich experience and production skills. Our production of FRP Pultrusion dies, the selection of high quality steel 40Cr, P20, 38CrMnAl, mold release performance is good, and long service life.

This year, although the entire market industry isn't good, but recently there are many customers ordering our FRP Pultrusion dies, which has customers are custom export mold. Because of the export of mould for far road, in order to avoid damage to the mould on the way, we also specifically for customers to strengthen the packaging of the mould.

Foreign trade exports of the mould we need to first put the mould out of the oil, with plastic wrap to wrap the entire mould, and then use the carton packaging, packaging, packaging, and then wrapped around the outside, to protect the safety of the muold in transit. Of course, we can pull the muold packaging can also be arranged according to the specific needs of customers. Welcome to the need of FRP Pultrusion moulds for the customer to call 15137306265.For more details