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Basic requirements for the design of FRP pultrusion mould

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In the design of the FRP pultrusion mould, the reasonable selection of the process is required. Such as the first choice of good wear resistance, mirror processing of good steel, and then to take full account of the economy.

The ratio of cross-sectional area and cross-sectional area of glass fiber reinforced plastic extrusion die is generally greater than or equal to 10. Its purpose is to ensure that the mold has enough strength and rigidity, the two is the heat distribution of the heat evenly and stability.

It is related to the length of the glass fiber reinforced plastic extrusion die and the curing speed, the heating conditions of the mold and the speed of the extrusion molding. The most important is to ensure that the product is pulled out when the release degree of release. According to experience, the general mold length in the range of 500 ~ 1500mm.

4 according to the shape of the product design mold structure, such as bars can be designed into a whole, according to the process design requirements into combined formwork or embedded in the whole mould to form a mold cavity structure. It is a new type of structure that is easy to assemble and disassemble the card ring for the development of the plastic and steel door and window.

The cavity surface finish requirements, wear resistance, hardness greater than HRC50, the cavity of import and export both ends of chamfer, fillet radius in 1.5-6mm.

The FRP pultrusion mould cavity size should be higher than 1.5% ~ 3.5% large size products.