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FRP insulation ladder manufacturer

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Insulation ladder power engineering, telecommunications engineering, electrical engineering, hydropower engineering and other special climbing tool. FRP ladder can be as power system security Denggao tools, to replace the metal ladder and bamboo ladder to prevent electric induction and anti misoperation caused by electric shock accidents, so rigorously testing testing of glass steel ladder can used as a ladder for high-voltage live line work.

The use of units for the new purchase of insulation ladder should be checked before the use of the use of the period should be checked regularly and check the qualified mark. At the same time, the ladder should be checked before each use to ensure that it is always in good condition. Before using a ladder, ensure that the work load is not more than the maximum allowable load. A faulty ladder should stop using the "no use" label, and repair it in time. When the insulation ladder is a serious bending, deformation or damage can not be repaired in time to be scrapped. The scrap ladder should be destroyed, to ensure that it may not be used again.

Xinxiang Jinglong composite materials Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of insulation single staircase, insulation joint ladder, insulation single straight ladder, insulation ladder, insulating ladder, insulation lifting ladder (insulation telescopic single staircase, the insulated telescopic ladder, the insulated telescopic ladder), insulated elevating platform, fully insulated scaffold, high and low stool insulation, insulation high stool and insulating ladder manufacturers. Jing Long production of insulation ladder is not conductive, the appearance of novel, beautiful and generous. Corrosion resistance, resistance to wither, resistant to retreat, light weight, convenient transportation, low water absorption rate, good flame retardancy is worthy of your purchase of the security ladder.